Diamond Divas Softball is comprised of young ladies from across the state of Indiana that wish to play softball on a competitive level. We support each girls desire to play on each of their local recreational leagues, but, understand that our players have a desire to experience a more than traditional league ball schedule. We are a “B” class developmental team, that focuses on making
our young ladies better softball players. We will expose our young ladies to play across Indiana, Ohio and across the Midwest. We want to teach all of our young ladies to work and play hard as a team and to always have fun. By not focusing on wins and loses but by teaching them more advanced skills in the game of softball. We feel that we will have succeeded in our helping our young ladies develop solid morals, values and outstanding sportsmanship that will carry on with each of them through life. Our ultimate goal is to provide each of our young ladies with confidence, high self-esteem, and pride in not only herself but also her family, team and community. In the end, we believe our success as a family oriented organization will not be tallied by wins or loses, but in the quality of young ladies that will affect the future of each of their communities. With the help of everyone involved , we can make practices and tournaments an enjoyable event that helps foster the development of our young ladies.

The following list of expectations is for players, parents, coaches and fans.

- Players, parents and coaches will all be committed to playing with the Diamond Divas
- We understand that players will not look into the stands to receive information from parents during games or at practices.
- We ask parents not to coach their daughter from the stands.
-We will not yell obscenities, negative comments or say anything during tournaments or practices that would be interpreted as unsportsmanlike or disrespectful towards players, coaches, officials, opposing teams or other parents.
- We will not call coaches, officials, other parents or any other Diamond Divas personnel on the phone to complain about playing time, roster changes, rules or anything that would be construed as a “coaching decision”.
- We will always give the Diamond Divas coaching ample notice of any missed practices and or tournaments.

We as a board, will be available to address any issues that may arise at practices or tournaments. We ask that we are the ones you come to not coaches, fans, other players or other parents with any of these issues during practices and tournaments. We maintain to support coaching decisions and our coaching staff . The Diamond Diva Softball coaching staff is always available to discuss your concerns, but we do ask that you refrain from bringing your complaints to the coaching staff during practices and
tournaments. We want to keep the line of communication open between coaches, players and parents. We will always strive to keep to the family atmosphere We will address each issue on an individual basis, but all final decisions will be made to benefit the Diamond Divas as a whole.

We ask that everyone conducts themselves in a manner becoming the Diamond Divas Softball organization and each of our communities. That everyone be supportive of every young lady on this team and the coaches that have volunteered their time to coach your daughters. Decisions made by the coaches are final and are never up for argument. As part of the Diamond Divas Softball family we will at all times maintain a family atmosphere by not having individual comparisons, but only a reflection as a team as a whole.

Failure to comply with any of the guidelines of this code of conduct could result in the removal of parents and/or player from tournaments or possible termination from the Diamond Divas Softball organization. The Diamond Divas Softball board reserves the right to remove anyone from the Diamond Divas Softball organization for violation of this code of sportsmanship and conduct.

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Diamond Divas Board:
Beth Pugh 260-623-6091
Ed and Brenda Fifer 260-623-3509
Jay Knefelkamp and John Davis
Created 04/08