The Fee for the 2009 Season of the Diamond Divas is $500 for returning players and $550 for new players

 Down Payment                            December 1, 2008                                              $100
 Payment one                               Due By February 1, 2009                                   $150
 Payment two                               Due By March 1, 2009                                        $150  
 Final Payment                              Due By April 1, 2009                                          $150

 No player will be allowed to play or participate unless payments are made, or arrangement's have been made with  Brenda or Ed Fifer 260-623-3509.

 This is the minimum payments that are due. At any time you can pay the fee in full or can make more frequent payments. We are asking that the minimum payment is made by the due date.  Any issues with payments should be directed to Brenda and Ed Fifer.

There is no refund of the down payment and there will be no refunds of any fees after April 1, 2009.

Failure to meet the payment schedule will endanger your daughters status with the Diamond Divas Organization. Coaches and Staff of the Diamond Divas do not want to have to enforce the financial policy. Please make ever effort to adhere to the payment schedule and more importantly if there is an issue that arises please contact Brenda and Ed Fifer before the posted due date. 

The fees cover the cost of tournaments, insurance, sanction fees and uniforms. It does not cover the cost of any World Series fees (entry, pins and gifts), if the Divas attend the World Series in 2009 these fee will be collected closer to time. A good estimate for these fees would be an additional $200 which would be collected around June 15, 2009.

Sponsorships can be collected for your player fee but please be aware that these sponsorships will not be on our website or banners. 

Each player will receive two uniforms and socks. New players will also receive a new helmet with mask.